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Welcome to Food & Flix, the online savings program that brings you action, drama, comedy, delicious meals — great savings — every day of the year, easily and affordably!

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Food & Flix makes it easy and really affordable to include dining out and movie nights at the theatre or in the comfort of your home as part of your budget! It's as simple as logging in, picking the local movie theatre you want tickets for, and saving up to half off the regular ticket price. Then, pick your favorite local restaurant or that special hot spot you've been dying to try, and order gift certificates at up to 50% off. That's two great ways to save!

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Discount off movie ticket face value is sponsored by Food & Flix. Discount ticket prices subject to a surcharge in NYC area for AMC Theatres. There is a $2.50 surcharge for tickets redeemed in Manhattan, NY, United Artists Theatres. Discount tickets are not valid generally for the first ten (10) days of a motion picture's release. Good any day of the week thereafter, including holidays and weekends. Movie ticket purchases made through Food & Flix are limited to ten (10) per day, 100 per membership year. Discount tickets may not be valid for special movie theatre events. Other restrictions may apply and vary by chain. Special engagements excluded. Special-engagements restriction is necessary to comply with the contractual obligations of motion picture distributors on certain films.

Participating vendors are neither sponsors, co-sponsors nor affiliates of Food & Flix. Gift card/certificate savings are an exclusive offer of Food & Flix and are valid only on gift cards/certificates purchased through Food & Flix. Please see back of gift card/certificate for terms and conditions of use. All vendor trademarks and copyrights remain the property of the individual vendor. Food & Flix uses vendor names, logos and any other vendor material by permission of each vendor. Please visit the Food & Flix website or call Member Savings for complete terms and conditions related to participating vendors.